Baguettes and Sandwiches

Choice of baguette, white or rye sourdough. GF $2 extra

All meals served daily until 2pm. Please ask our staff for specials of the day!

Chicken and Avo – $14 –
w/ chicken, avocado, tomato, cheese and mesclun

Manhattan – $14 – w/ San Daniele prosciutto, cheese and chargrilled eggplant

Turkey and Cranberry – $14 – w/ Turkey, cranberry sauce, brie, walnuts and mesclun

Moroccan Beef – $14 – w/ Moroccan beef, cheese, roasted capsicum, onion, grilled mushrooms and mesclun

Deli and Dine Veggie Roll (v) – $14.00 – w/ gourmet antipasto and fresh salad